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We have owned Green Mountain Grills for years and know how they work. The added components allow you to be a Grill Master. Put the meat on, walk away, and work on other projects! GMG allows you to have a perfect grill experience and a professionally cooked meal at the end of your experience. Smoking and grilling made easy!!

WestSide Smokers is located on the west side of Minneapolis and grew out of the love for cooking for others. We do not have a fancy showroom floor. We believe in showing the grill "grilling" to you at a real location one on one.  Showing a new grill to you will not give you the true experience. In order to see the GMG Advantage we need to throw a piece a meat on and for you to see, smell and taste the real deal. 

Authorized Warranty Repair Dealer

We are proud to be one of the warranty repair dealers for Green Mountain Grills.  We carry parts for the models. And we will in most cases come help take care of any issues at your residence or location.  We have been around Green Mountain Grills for several years and understand the components and how they work together to give you a perfect grilling experience. Overall, with all the combined GMG grill components, it is the best pellet grill on the market.


FREE Demonstrations!

In addition to our Warranty & Repair Services, we will take the time to show you how to grill some meat and share recipes that we have gathered over the years! It is the best way to decide if the Green Mountain Grill is the grill for you!

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